Associate of Science Degree / Diploma Program

  1. Applicants under the age of 18 may be admitted with the consent from their parent or legal guardian.
  2. An earned high school diploma or official copy of the high school transcript, a high school certificate of completion, GED or official copy of transcript, or state recognized home school graduation certificate.
  3. In lieu of a high school transcript or official high school equivalency certificate, you can submit the following as official proof of high school graduation or equivalent:
    • Form DD214: Veterans may submit Form DD 214 indicating high school graduation. (Please note that not all DD214 documents contain this information.) Form DD214 is usually free for veterans and can be obtained in ten working days or less at the following website:
    • Form DD1966: Service members may submit a DD1966 that indicates high school graduation.
    • Military Statement of Service: Active duty service members may submit the Military Statement of Service Memorandum annotated by his/her personnel or administrative office indicating completion of high school or its equivalent.
    • Other official military records documenting high school graduation or equivalent may be submitted subject to approval by the registrar.
    • Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Science, Bachelor of Arts, or Bachelor of Science degree or higher, awarded from any school accredited by an accrediting body recognized by the US Department of Education – Official Transcript must be provided to satisfy requirement
  4. English Language Proficiency Exam if applicable.
  5. The student has until the end of the initial quarter to turn in the required proof of education. Students who have not completed all entrance requirements by the end of the first quarter will not be permitted to register for the following quarter.
  6. Students may apply for enrollment online.
  7. Students enroll in each quarter separately which includes payment requirements.
  8. Required documents may be mailed to: Office of Admissions   American College of Health and Technology 7777 Davie Rd Extension, Bldg A, Ste 302-1A,  Davie, Florida  33024.
  9. Hard copy catalogs are available to students one week prior to enrollment at the main campus or  may receive a pdf copy of the catalog  online 24/7 upon request.
  10. All accepted students must read, and complete the Student Enrollment Agreement and receive the catalog electronically. The student must also submit the down payment requirement, if applicable.
  11. American College of Health and Technology will keep records of prospective students denied admission for at least one year.
  12. Prospective students, who were denied admission and would like to view their file, may submit a written request. Access to view the file will be granted within 24 hours of request.
  13. All students (except RNs or degreed individuals) are required to take a Basic Skills Assessment as a first step in the program. The assessment will also include basic computer skills. Students at the Associate degree level will need a 10th grade or better in the Quantitative and Qualitative part of the exam.  Once the assessment is completed, a student’s program of study is established. Students who fall below the required grade level may start the program and retake the assessment exam prior to the next quarter for further evaluation.