A study conducted by Institute of Medicine (IOM), predicts an increase in the number of nurses with a bachelors’ degree from 50% to 80% by 2020*.

Today, an associate degree is not enough for nurses to achieve increases in salaries or achieve career goals. This make them gear more towards making themselves different from their colleagues by pursuing additional degrees and certifications.

One of the most rewarding steps a nurse can make towards salary increases, recognition, and achieving specialized work, is to obtain an RN-BSN degree. The benefit to an online program is that they can continue their current occupation while having the flexibility of studying at a time that’s convenient for them.

As the chart above indicates, the level of education a nurse attains directly corresponds to a higher salary and greater responsibility.

RN payscale


CIP: 51.3801 SOC: 29-1141.00

180 Quarter Credits

FEES INCLUDED IN THE PROGRAM: Registration Fee: $150.00; Tuition: $145.00 per quarter credit; Technology Fee: $22 per quarter credit.

Disclosure: Tuition fees are subject to change with prior notice.

OTHER FEES NOT INCLUDED IN PROGRAM: Please read: Fees and Payment Schedule in catalog.


PROGRAM OBJECTIVE: The objective of the RN –BSN program is for registered nurses with an associate’s degree or diploma to further their education with a bachelor’s degree and in addition enhance their career.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The RN to BSN program is designed for registered nurses with an associate’s degree or diploma in nursing who are looking forward to furthering their education and advancing their career. The program focuses on research, clinical reasoning, nursing management and leadership, ethical decision making and more.

PRE-REQUISITES: Must be licensed as a Registered Nurse (Expired licenses accepted, Revoked Licenses not accepted).


A full time student taking a minimum of 13.5 quarter credit hours will complete the program in seven quarters. A part-time student taking less than 13.5 quarter credit hours has one year to complete a quarter and six years to complete the program.


CourseNumber Course Title Quarter Credit Hours
Transfer Quarter Hours 90
EDU101 Student Success Workshop – 4.5
ETHN301 Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing 4.5
CBH101 Computer Basics and Technology In Healthcare 4.5
NUR301 Transition to Professional Nursing Practice 4.5
ENC201 English Composition 1I- (Gen Ed) 4.5
NUR302 Comprehensive Health and Physical Assessment for Nursing Practice 4.5
NUR318 Health Promotion Strategies Through the Life Span 4.5
NUR322 Research/Theoretical Basis for Nursing Practice 4.5
COM200 Effective Communication Practices for Healthcare Professionals 4.5
NUR303 Social Aspects of Health, Illness and Healthcare 4.5
NUR450 Population-Focused Community Health Nursing 4.5
NUR470 Critical Care Nursing – Diabetes 4.5
NUR484 Reflective Practice in Nursing 4.5
SPSY400 Social Psychology – (Gen Ed) 4.5
NUR486 Professional Nursing Synthesis 4.5
BIO412 Pathophysiology 4.5
MAC102 College Algebra 11- (Gen Ed) 4.5
SOC201 Sociology II (Gen Ed) 4.5
NUR457 Leadership and Management in Nursing 4.5
STA201 Statistical Methods – (Gen Ed) 4.5
TOTAL: 180


Upon completion of the program, the student will receive a Bachelor Degree of Science in Nursing and transcripts.

DISCLOSURE: Upon completion student with current licenses may seek employment in Nursing.